︎ Clare Connell

Eve Mag

Project Length

October 06 – November 19


fashion editorial


couture outfits


Rayna Jones

Eve Mag is a couture fashion magazine centered around the story of Eve from Adam and Eve. The requirements for this project were to create a narrative, design and construct outfits,photograph images for three spreads and a front cover, create a single-letter word mark, and finally construct a final magazine.

The goal of Eve Mag was to re-center the story around Eve and all that she gained by indulging in the forbidden fruit. Rather than losing her innocence, she is liberated into a strong and powerful woman. One model plays the roles of Eve and the snake. Their differences shown in lighting as well as clothing and makeup. The outfits are both  strong and feminine to celebrate Eve and the environment of the Garden of Eden.

The biggest challenges that I had to overcome in order to successfully complete this project was in highlighting the clothes I put together. I would find myself so excited by a beautiful picture I took that I would forget that at the forefront of it all, the goal of the magazine was to sell clothes. As well, this project allowed me to explore art direction, I had to simultaneously balance numerous tasks in order to bring the magazine to life. While this was very stressful, I really appreciate the skill set it gave me to balance stress and manage my time.


Mag Trailer

Tuesday Oct 5 2021