About Me 

I have always loved color and design. As a child, I would scream whenever I was put in anything red or polka-dotted. At 3 years old, I demanded that everything in my life was periwinkle (not just purple, but specifically periwinkle). At 6, I discovered my love for leopard print. And at 10, my love for stripes. It is safe to say, I have always had strong opinions on the design of things around me. My opinions have not gotten any less strong, I love design because I love creating beautiful and colorful things that connect me to my younger self; the girl who knew exactly how she wanted her world to look and wasn’t afraid of mixing bold colors and funky patterns.

Fun Facts  

I am an ENFP-t

I love to read, my favorite book right now is Pure Colour by Sheila Heti

I am a vegetarian

My comfort movie is Midsommar