︎ Clare Connell

Monarch’s Journey

Project Length

October 11 – December 15




social media posts
immersive tunnel
children’s book


Emma Swayze

This partner project was in collaboration with the Penn State Arboretum, which gave us the amazing opportunity to create meaningful deliverables and experiences to engage an audience and excites them about what the pollinator garden has to offer.The project was very open-ended, each group had to create meaningful deliverables to answer to a problem they also created.

Drawing from our inspiration of the butterflies in the pollinator garden and our interest in engaging a young audience, we created a narrative to teach young children about the Monarch Butterfly’s life cycle. Emma and I started by writing and illustrating a children’s book and from there, we expanded upon the characters we created to develop a rich and expansive set of assets.

The main issue we experienced in this project was our initial target demographic. Everything we created was geared towards children ages 0–4, but due to our own lack of experience with young children, we mislabeled our demographic as children in first grade. Once we corrected this error, the content was much more well suited towards the younger demographic.


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Social Media

Immersive Tunnel

The immersive tunnel experience guides people into the garden and introduces them to the story of Archie, Mona, and Carter.


Posters are placed throughout the arboretum to get people excited to learn more about the Monarch’s journey.

There will be a final poster at the end of the tunnel that allows people to scan a QR code to purchase the book.


The final project is made up of a strong system of deliverables that all come together to create the story of Archie, Mona, and Carter the Monarch Butterflies. From the first introduction on social media to the book families can take home, the butterflies engage a young audience in what the Penn State Arboretum has to offer in its pollinator garden.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021