︎ Clare Connell


Project Length

august 23 – october 01




WatchOS application

The goal of this project was to create an application to track moods on the WatchOS interface. The final deliverables are a consistent brand, strong data visualization, and a final application.

The app moodring was inspired by the simplicity and joy attached to classic moodrings as a way of checking in on your emotions. This app contains those same qualities, but with a focus accuracy and the ability to allow users to view trends in their emotions over time. I used the classic moodring color keys to tie emotions to colors, this allowed for the final product to stay true to the inspiration.

The main struggle I experienced with this project was tackling UI design. This being my first project where I created an online interface, there was much to think about during the process. Once I got a grasp of the discipline, I was able to bring my content to life, but it was definitely a learning curve.  


The storyboard highlights all of the important aspect of the app and allows the story to have a beginning, middle, and end.
Tuesday Oct 5 2021